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Investment Solutions

At HCL, we work with you to ensure that the investment solution we provide meets your individual needs. From initial consultation through to ongoing review, we will act as your partner in investment.

Part of our six-stage Asset Management Service is recommending what type of investment solution best suits your individual needs. In conjunction with our esteemed strategic partners, we have created four investment solutions, as detailed below;

Basic investment solution

Nucleus Financial Group provide access to passively managed portfolios from Tatton at very competitive prices. This solution is appropriate for clients who require transactional advice only, with no ongoing service.

Wrap investment solution

A ‘wrap account’ is an administrative facility that allows us to aggregate your investments into one easily manageable account whilst retaining access to virtually any investment open to UK investors. HCL clients’ assets are held in 'wrap accounts' with Nucleus Financial Group, which enables us to provide you with a superior service in terms of the formulation of your investment strategy via a suitable model portfolio – be it passive or active.

Active Vs. Passive Investment Management

As part of our wrap investment service, we’ll consider whether active or passive investment management is best for you. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each, evaluate the risks and recommend which would work best:

Active Iinvestment Funds
This is where a fund manager selects specific stocks and shares from the market place based on their skill, judgement and instinct with the hope that their selection will perform better than the broader market. More expensive to run, due to the expertise and analysis involved, actively managed funds enable managers to act on ‘hunches’ and signals from the market – while carrying more risk, they also provide scope for far greater returns. Our strategic partners for active portfolios are OBSR and Tatton.

Passive Investment Funds
Passive fund managers build an investment portfolio that represents a broad representation of the entire market without taking a view on the merits of specific shares. Passive funds are cheaper to establish and run than active funds, and generally viewed as a lower risk option, but they don’t tend to provide the scope for returns as high as those that can be attained through active management. Tatton is our strategic partner providing passive fund management.

Bespoke investment solution

Under our bespoke investment solution, we will decide upon a suitable investment vehicle to meet your individual requirements. We are proud to be associated with the Birmingham office of investment management specialist, Quilter Cheviot, which will be responsible for building and managing your portfolio while we will continue to work with you to help ensure your portfolio stays on track to meet your expectations.

Specialist investment solution

A number of our clients require a specialist solution such as a guaranteed facility or annuity. If we don’t feel your needs can be met by one of the above solutions our advisers will search the entire market to source an appropriate product.

Other specialist solutions include satisfying protection needs such as life and critical illness cover and income protection.

Note: The above companies are HCL's current strategic partners. They are reviewed annually as part of our due diligence process